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Absolute Duo – Coming in 2015 | Cartoon Anime Fans

Absolute Duo – Coming in 2015

The following article from AnimeNewsNetwork, introduces us to Absolute Duo, due for release in January 2015. It’s a little hard to get an understanding of the storyline if you haven’t been an avid reader of the mentioned light novel series that the anime is based on. But the video trailer preview gives us a brief taste of what’s to come when the anime is released in January.

Media Factory began streaming the first promotional video on Friday for the television anime of Takumi Hiiragi-Boshi‘s Absolute Duo light novel series. The story begins with Blaze — a weapon that is the manifestation of a human’s soul. Tōru Kokonoe happens to be qualified for this, but for some reason his Blaze is not a weapon, but a shield. Moreover, he enrolled in a school that teaches combat skills, and thanks to the school’s Duo partner system, he ends up living with a beautiful silver-haired girl named Yurie Sigtuna (a reference to the Sweden town, Sigtuna), a study-abroad student from Gimlé (a location in Norse mythology) within the Nordic countries … read the full article at: AnimeNewsNetwork

Article Source: AnimeNewsNetwork Featured Image Source: TokyoOtakuMode



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