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Yozakura Quartet – Episode 3

The following article is from: Anime Evo. This is not a new anime series … but it’s one that I have only just discovered. If you are in the same boat and as I am, you will get a good idea about the storyline from this article, which reviews Yozakura Quartet – Epiosode 3. Also enjoy some classic fight scene [videos] at the end of this post. Be ready for some WTF moments that seem to be a big part...

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Pulse of the Awakening | Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy – The Pulse of the Awakening The Pulse of the Awakening is the signal initiating the end of the Proxy Project with the subsequent destruction of the remaining proxies. It is audible only to proxies. The Pulse activates involuntary genetic changes in the Amrita cells of proxies, making exposure to sunlight lethal for them. Original Article Source: Pulse of the Awakening | Ergo Proxy Wiki |...

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Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta Anime Film’s Teaser Previews Kazuyoshi Saitō’s Theme Song

Masaaki Yuasa directs first film with original story slated to open on May 19 Yoake Tsugeru Lu no Uta is Yuasa’s first anime film with an original story. The protagonist Kai moves with his father from Tokyo to the declining fishing town of Hinashi to live with his grandfather following his parents’ divorce. Kai is unable to give words to his complex feelings about his parents, so he passes his middle school life gloomily....

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Gurren Lagann – Pierce the Heavens

  I have been looking forward to seeing more of Gurren Lagann. It’s got an interesting storyline … anything is better than another high school ecchi anime remake. But … there is a sexy girl character and an innocent young boy, so all is not too far away from good tried and true anime style. In a faraway future, mankind lives underground in huge caves, unknowing of a world above with a sky and stars. In the small...

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Blood Blockade Battlefront – Anime

  Blood Blockade Battlefront – anime set in a New York city of the future … Included Blood Blockade Battlefront – PV [VIDEO] and some  great Blood Blockade Battlefront AMV’s … plus the opening theme [VIDEO] – ‘Hello World’ performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN NEXT PAGE:>> Blood Blockade Battlefront   The following is an introduction to the anime series Blood...

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Another – Horror Anime

Another is an anime that I never had the chance to watch before now and I had no idea that it was a horror anime … but I do now. I have included a fan made anime trailer video … but if after watching it you get hooked, it will be worth while searching for more episodes on Youtube. The following article excerpt is from the original article at: Horror Anime: Another   November had just ended and I forgot to post an...

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