Elfen Lied – Is it Good Anime or Just Gory

The following review article from The Nihon Review, was written some time ago … but it will act as a good introduction to what I think is an anime that should not be missed. Many will hate it for the tasteless gory violence, (and some nudity), but I think those that go beyond violence and nudity, will agree, that Elfen Lied is an experience that every lover of anime you should have before they die. WARNING the videos included later in this post contain scenes of extreme animated violence and some nudity. This anime is not suitable for young children. However, for everyone else who haven’t seen Elfen Lied yet- enjoy !

Diclonius: mutants with the deadly power of psychokinesis and a homicidal urge toward humankind. After escaping from a maximum security research institution and suffering acute amnesia, the diclonius Lucy is taken in by cousins and childhood friends Kouta and Yuka. Unfortunately Lucy’s docile mask threatens to slip at any moment, and a ruthless organisation will stop at nothing to retrieve her – including the disposal of anyone helping her.   First off allow me get the unpleasantries out of the way: Elfen Lied is not for your children, or for people with fragile sensibilities or any type of heart condition. Acute violence with dismemberment and torture aside, this anime also addresses issues including child abuse and human experimentation, and as such contains a fair amount of nudity and uncomfortable content – which is only to be expected from one of the studios responsible for the equally fantastic (and bloody) Berserk. That said, Elfen Lied uses violence and nudity as tools to hammer its messages home. Frequently see-sawing between abject horror and heart-wrenchingly touching moments, we are strapped into an emotional rollercoaster which only serves to affect the audience deeper … read more of this excellent review article at: The Nihon Review

Article Source: The Nihon Review Image Source: AnimeManiaKawai … the following video is a short trailer to give you an idea of what you are in for if you dare to go on to watch episode 1 and 2.



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  1. This would have to be one of the best series out there in my opinion. Don’t even get me started on what fan service really is. The only fan service I received from this was blood and gore…… I am a little f!/รท&$ lol

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  2. It was a great anime that pushed the predictably most animes have it was bloody and funny and wasn’t as storylined as most it was different than most and that’s what made it better plus everyone likes a lot of violence

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  3. I only watched two episodes but it’s kinda cool I do want to know what happens how many seasons is there

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  4. When I watched it I loved it but the end left a lot to be desired. I was told it got canceled so they smashed the end into one episode which was sad because I thought it was really good

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