Lupin the 3rd – What Color Jacket Now


Lupin the 3rd – What Color Jacket Now

A blue jacketed Lupin III is set to invade Italy in 2015. A new Lupin III series and a Live-Action movie that came out in 2014 (see video trailer at the end of this post). Fans of the original classic are over-joyed at the renewed attention that this loveable character, and his band of crazy cohorts, are attracting after nearly 30 years have passed since the inception of the Lupin series.



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  1. Blue is better then pink but I kinda prefer the green jacket and red one but I’ll watch the show for. Sure

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  2. Like most anime that’s come out in the last 3 years, I hope it suck (cause it probably will)

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  3. can’t wait to hear that old snicker he always makes XD hehehehe awesomest master mind to me hope this is as good as the original as well

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  4. Lmao i love this show except where this woman got eaten by a shark and she was drop dead gorgeous

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  5. Oh hell yeah!! Now will it be the funny lupin or the serious one? And when in the hell are the going to make a live action movie this would be the ultimate heist movie if the right person doing it.

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  6. I hope Sonny Strait plays as Lupin, TV’s Christopher Sabat as Jigen, Mike McFarland as Goemon, Michelle Ruff Voiceover as Fuji-Whore, and Richard Epcar as Zenigata in the future for FUNimation dubbing it.

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  7. I love the animation how Lupin III holds his gun with the pinky out and the shape of the characters legs also how even after animation changes it stays faithful to the original source material.

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