Seraph of the End – Vampires

The following article excerpt is from Digital Journal … and gives us a great introduction to this anime, which is due for release in April 2015. The series will be split into two seperate seasons – the first to be released April – June 2015 and the second season October – December 2015


Killing the undead, whether it be zombies or vampires, never gets old, which is why the theme of undead continues to trend. Seraph of the End, which will be adapted into an anime series, is by no means any different from shows like DraculaStakelandTrue BloodThe OriginalsThe Vampire Diaries, and many more. The Japan branch of NBC-Universal has streamed the first trailer to Seraph of the End, adapted from Takaya Kagami’s original manga that runs in Jump Square, tells the story of protagonist Yuichiro Hyakuya.

 Seraph of the End takes place somewhat in a post-apocalyptic world and is reminiscent of Rage of Bahamut: Genesis, adapted from the South Korean free-to-play mobile card game, where humans live with other beings. In the case of this story, humans live with vampires, angels, and demons. This has a similar element to the currently airing CW drama series Supernatural.

Most of humanity gets wiped out by a mysterious virus, but a handful of humans survive. You would assume that the last of the humans could rebuild, but that does not even happen. They are captured and enslaved by the vampires. Yuichiro, whose friends were made into a vampire’s meal, manages to escape and live among other freed humans.

He trains himself in Japanese swordsmanship and uses a mystical blade, which will be used against vampires.

Yuichiro’s ultimate wish is to become strong enough to kill vampires and avenge the deaths of his friends, who acted like a surrogate family to him. It is an understatement to say that Yuichiro has a just cause for revenge against the vampires, but he must also contend with the existence of angels and demons roaming the earth as well.

It ultimately becomes a four-way war between the four races, with Yuichiro representing the side of humanity … read more of this article at: Digital Journal

Article Source: Digital Journal

Image Source: Digital Journal

.. the following video is the newly released trailer for Seraph of the End



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