Ninja Scroll – Classic Anime

Trapped into a mission not of his choosing, Jubei finds a powerful reason to fight. Ninja Scroll (The original 1993 movie) … another classic anime available again on Blu-ray – WARNING: This anime movie has some very┬áviolent scenes and some sexually explicit content that may not be suitable for younger viewers I saw Ninja Scroll (Movie) many years ago and was at first a little shocked at the violence and sexual content...

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Cross Ange Rondo … Is Not What You Expect

Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon is not what I expected. When you watch the intro video to episode 1, you get an idea that there will be some good battle scenes to come between the mech pilots and the invading dragons. (WARNING: some spoilers if you have not seen episode 1 of Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon). There is some unnecessary fleshy fan service even in this intro clip, but this is nothing compared to what is to...

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