Yozakura Quartet – Episode 3

The following article is from: Anime Evo. This is not a new anime series … but it’s one that I have only just discovered. If you are in the same boat and as I am, you will get a good idea about the storyline from this article, which reviews Yozakura Quartet – Epiosode 3. Also enjoy some classic fight scene [videos] at the end of this post. Be ready for some WTF moments that seem to be a big part...

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Fooly Cooly – Awesome Haruku

Fooly Cooly (pronounced “Furi Curi”) is an absolutely crazy show, but is really, really worth watching … even just to brag to other anime fans that you have experienced FLCL. Although it had a relatively short run, (only 6 OVA’s between 26 Apr 2000 – 16 Mar 2001), it is one of those shows that all true fans of good anime will have seen … at least once. NEXT PAGE:>> To try and describe the plot of...

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Is Space Dandy Really the New Cowboy Bebop

Space Dandy, first seen on Cartoon Network in January 2014, is from the acclaimed Japanese anime director Shinichiro Watanabe. He is also director of the classic space cowboy anime, Cowboy Bebop. Is Space Dandy simply an updated rehash of the Cowboy Bebop series, or is it something completely new and fresh? Cowboy Bebop is one of my favourite anime series of all time, and I think that considering that it was made in 1998, it can...

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